Susan, have a wonderful time watching the beautiful birds of Lima

With more than 1,800 species of birds, Peru is considered the second-best country in the world for bird watching. And even better, you don’t need to take a long and expensive trip to watch them. Lima, capital of Peru, is a great place for birding, for is the habitat of beautiful birds that you can see very close to you.
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My name is Yuri Herrera Burstein, and I’m the founder of  YHBirds, Birding & Photography. I’m committed to offer you the best birdwatching experience. By visiting two of the most beautiful parks in Lima, in a 2 to 4 hours’ tour, you will be able to see between 12 to 20 bird species.


Me and my team have plenty of experience in guiding birdwatching groups in parks in Lima. In fact, we have an alliance with the San Isidro city hall, one of the most important municipality in Lima, for spreading the practice of birding in our city.

We have had more than ten official activities with more than 200 attendees. The picture on the left shows a press note published in a newspaper, presenting those activities.



The birdwatching tour:


Binoculars: We will provide you with Bushnell binoculars, Falcon 8×40, for you and each member of your group, to be used during the whole tour. These binoculars meet specifications recommended for birdwatching.


2017-08-06 17.21.28Birdwatching guide for Parks in Lima: We will provide you with a birdwatching guide, complete with original photographs of all the birds you can see on the parks in Lima.  We will also give you a copy of the guide on PDF format, in case you prefer to review it on a digital device. The guide has a triptych format and it is printed in a ink printer.


Trekking poles: The parks in Lima are vey easy to walk, but we will provide you a pair of trekking poles if you prefer to use them. In our experience, walking with just one pole is easier when you have to use binoculars.

The human team:

Two YHBirds representatives will be with you at all time, in order you have the best birdwatching experience:


Yuri Herrera Burstein, YHBirds founder. I will be in charge of the whole planing, organization and coordination of your birdwatching tour. I speak Spanish, English (médium level) and French.


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Daniel Muñoz, ornithologist. He will be in charge of the guiding, in order to find the best birds, and helping to identify them. Daniel will answer any question you have about the birds you see. He speaks Spanish and English (advanced level).


  • Each attendant: US$ 50
  • Special package price for 5 attendants: US$ 220